Frangigena from Siena to Viterbo

Fisical strenght
Tecnical difficulty

May be you know about Compostela track but I’m quite sure the you don’t know the Francigena. It is one of most famous route linking France to Italy. Today Italy is working on rebuild the rout making more easy for travelers to go there and to walk in a beautiful areas. There is an official website where to find the tracks and all relevant information such as bed and breakfast or religious hostels and restaurants or bars related with the Francigena.

We made 3 step overs from Siena to Viterbo, in both places it was possible to use the train. In these 3 days there aren’t many ways of escape. Our itinerary was:

  1. Siena- San Quirico: 59km 900m
  2. San Quirico- Acquapendente: 63km 1300m
  3. Acquapendente- Viterbo: 61km 1150m

In San Quirico we slept in the Hostel of the Collegiata (The main Church) without much enthusiasm, and we note that there isn’t a closed place where to put the bike, but a place to tie them under a covered area (equip yourself with a lock and chain). We know that there is a municipal cheaper and perhaps there is place a bike where to live the bikes.

We point to the Acquapendente Restaurant and B&B operated by 5 likeable women, where we not only stayed but ate good an cheap “Borgo“.

So I wish you a: Good Way!

NB: The track does not always follow the Francigena as a result of the bad weather we had to cut some parts to avoid the mud. The trail is mostly dirt road, never too difficult and there are those who did so with touring bike with street wheels.

Total distance: 183.52 km
Max elevation: 810 m
Min elevation: 155 m
Total climbing: 4591 m
Total descent: -4533 m
Total time: 06:43:23
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