Argentario enduro

Fisical strenght
Tecnical difficulty

When you don’t feel like going to lose on some mountain or the weather is too uncertain and especially if you want to have fun going down in all of one, our favorite places is Argentario.

The ride along the main paths is enduro style.

The mines

After a short climb that passes under the remains of some mining facilities where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lagoon of Orbetello you reach the entrance of the first descent. The trail is a flow track in the forest below. The upper part is pretty racy with some drops. In the lower part the curves are more irregular and tend to take in; maintain the cadence is a bit more difficult. A good appetizer for what’s to come later!

It climbs on dirt with some very steep ramps up to the Passionist Fathers convent and then on tarmac.

La Madonnina

The path for who loves to be flow. The first part, on the top of Poggio Tondo, has to be done like a bat out of the hell trying to fly at every change of slope, flying on the broken dirt road. As soon as you enter into the forest begins pleasure. The single track, not technical except short part, it is an endless series of curves to flow through. To increase the fun at the side of the path there are also jumps. Unfortunately, perhaps because of the speed, you arrive quickly at the end.

It goes on easily dirt again to the top of Poggio Tondo. It is the longest and hardest ascent


Short trail with a small rock garden in the middle. The end becomes flow and is full of jumps. Comes out just above the convent of the Passionists.

From here, it goes up to a few kilometers of asphalt.


The trail is the most worked, style DH. There are the biggest jumps fortunately there is also the safe chicken line and some parabolic curves. Very funny.
The trail does not go along to the end, about halfway to exit pushing for a short stretch and we head back to the convent.


This is my favorite track, narrow, with hairpin turns and full of technical sections. A real pleasure!

Total distance: 34.52 km
Max elevation: 540 m
Min elevation: 4 m
Total climbing: 1192 m
Total descent: -1183 m
Total time: 06:11:59
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