Fisical strenght
Tecnical difficulty

This technical track is very challenging, strating from the base of Semprevisa’s Mountain. We walk the trails that were once taken care by Lupi Volanti with some delicious variations rediscovered by our friend Giuseppe.

The trail can be divided into three descents: “Camporosello”, “Pistino” and “The Black Death”. You go up, always on the same road, a comfortable dirt never too steep.

The descent from the refuge Liberamonte from Camporosello is a path very difficult, dirty and full of rocks where the choice of the right line, and strong control are essential to go down without leaving the saddle.
If you want you can ‘stretch a bit’ the descent along a cut to the dirt road that leads to the shelter. Also this time the trail remains very difficult but with even more rocks!

Finished the first rock garden you get down to a picnic area. With a short push to get on top of the second descent: the Pistino. This is the path for those who love the single track. Not exactly flow but finding the right line you can keep a good speed between technical sections, short steep drop, natural shores and stretches where you give gas to the engine. Lot of fun!

Finished Pistino climb back almost to Liberamonte hut where begins “The Black Death“.

Baptized so Beppe the path is full of rocks where lovers of technical impossible and “panzer” guide, find bread for their teeth. Bring a spare derailleur hanger and put in mind scratching your bike!

Total distance: 22.74 km
Max elevation: 1185 m
Min elevation: 573 m
Total climbing: 1013 m
Total descent: -1128 m
Total time: 06:09:10
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