Redentore Sanctuary

Fisical strenght
Tecnical difficulty

The Redentore’s Shrine is a must of All Mountain. In the mountain overlooking the sea with superb views across the Pontine islands. Climb is easy on asphalt and descend is amazing. Technical, but never impossible that allows you to run, run fast and skidding on the curves, raising a lot of pebbles (Cool!). The adrenaline is always high because you can push your body and your bike and you do it. The final part, it is a series of sections that cut the asphalt, those are the icing booby cake. Hard, technical, inaccessible, which test the ability of a free rider, do not put your foot on the ground it is a real challenge.

How not want to do this tour again and again, so after several ” bad meteorological condition” we decide, this Saturday at the turn of the spring, to go along with the “wild bunch” friends. We start from Maranola (alternatively taking the train you can start from Formia but you add 10km of asphalt and 300m of altitude) and climb comfortably for a paved up to Rifugio Pornito. Last stretch of dirt road to get to the top of the Redentore’s Sanctuary where there is a small church on an incredible panorama.

Refreshed, photos made and well-dressed we prepare to descend. The descent is on a turnover ground with tight corners and short technical stretches, it runs to the side of the mountain in a series of zig zag very fun. After some hairpin turn you come to the hermitage of San Michele, a sanctuary inside the rock. Enchanting! It continues to fall on a less steep stretch in which pick up speed until you arrive at asphalted traveled early. From here, at the Refuge Pornito start a nice single track very technical which cuts the tarmac at several points. It is not easy to find but do not miss it.

Total distance: 20.9 km
Max elevation: 1307 m
Min elevation: 307 m
Total climbing: 1311 m
Total descent: -1332 m
Total time: 03:43:23
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