Monte Cambio

Fisical strenght
Tecnical difficulty

Exiting tour on the top of the Monte Cambio, only strong people can go.

Starting from Sigillo (RI), refill water here. First part on asphalt, not so nice but after you leave the main road (Salaria nuova) and start to go up then the street and the view change. After Miciliano small town, starts the dirt road. Nice view and nice weather, the time was flowing and shortly we were arrived at the first step of this tour the Angelo Sebastiani refuge. Take some water if you need, after that no water, no springs.

Still are missing 700m of climbing up. From Sebastiani refuge it starts again some km of asphalt before a deviation with the name of Monte Cambio. Now the view of the surrounding mountains is unbelievable. The pleasure of this trip ends when you see Monte Cambio. Now you have 200m of vertical ride, climbing the mountain with your bike on the shoulders (exiting). All your strain will be reimburse with a pleasure for your eyes. After a small lunch time, put your guard on and now downhill time.
First part very steep descent. Than up again and then again down till the asphalt that is Salaria again. Some km and you are at the car.

Total distance: 46.99 km
Max elevation: 2083 m
Min elevation: 559 m
Total climbing: 1986 m
Total descent: -2004 m
Total time: 08:36:56
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