Monte Cairo’s ridge

Fisical strenght
Tecnical difficulty

Finally a real prescout: Cairo’s Mountain. Online is not possible to find too much about cycling of the ridge of Cairo’s Mountain, perfect seems this tour should be an adventure! So after spending several nights studying slopes and maps I draw the tour, load the track on the GPS and sent to friends warning them that I have no clue what the hell we will encounter.

It starts from the square of Roccasecca admiring the beautiful fortress and climb quickly on asphalt up to Colle San Magno where we meet with others. From here a little ‘asphalt and then a nice dirt, even if from the bottom a little’ shaken, with some steep stretches that brings us up to Valle Frocia (gay valley).
From Valle Frocia begin first 200m in altitude to push in a beautiful forest landscape, first, and then in a charming terraced valley. At the end of the valley there is the junction that leads to the refuge Pozzacone. A couple of us decided wisely to cut around and go to the shelter and then engage the last part of the descent.

We stubbornly continue the prescout taking a dirt road up to cross the path that comes from Terelle. Hence bike on our shoulders for a path through the undergrowth, probably a fun downhill, uphill tiring to do. After the undergrowth continue bike on our shoulders toward the steep smaller peak and the top of Mount Cairo.
Unfortunately, low clouds prevent us from enjoying the view. Sad we dress with all guards and more or less try to ride the rocky ridge of Ciro’s Mountain. The path to a certain tip rushes down between huge loose stones and rocks, most of the time it is required to bring the bike on the shoulders even downhill. The idea was to make the whole ridge but disheartened from a not funny path, we decide to look for an escape route. We find a signed “AMC” path through the wood quite dirty but overall enjoyable which brings us to the refuge Pozzacone.

From the refuge finally starts the free ride a beautiful path full of very technical rock garden where the right line and high level of technic makes the difference. Four kilometers and six hundred meters in altitude negative full of adrenaline, fantastic!

After the rock garden a little asphalt to the charming village of Cantalupo. From here another beautiful single track with some flow passage on average technical passing through the Roccasecca’s fortress and reaches the village below. It ‘a shame to interrupt the flow of the path but we decide to was necessary take pictures: the landscape is very striking.

The tour is a must be redo clipping off the top of Mount Cairo because very little pedaled (we pushed for about 700m uphill and 200m downhill) and heading directly to the shelter Pozzacone.

Total distance: 32.24 km
Max elevation: 1673 m
Min elevation: 264 m
Total climbing: 1579 m
Total descent: -1569 m
Total time: 09:23:03
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