Velino: The greatest Adventure

Fisical strenght
Tecnical difficulty

People who are used to live adventures after a while they feel the lack of one bigger, so I am. I have a day free and my crazy mind tell me “why are you not going to Velino?”. It is a beautiful mountain in Abruzzo region, in the natural park of Velino Sirente.. Forecast is perfect to go up to 2000 meters. This ride is so crazy that I decide to go alone, also is my idea to be alone, just me and the nature.

Stating time 9:30 at Cartore after 200m of ascent I start to walk, total ascent is going to be 1900m. The day is long and I save energy to go up till the end.

Surrounding landscape is amazing, there is still a lot of snow on the top and this is not good. If the snow is too high and surfaces is icy, I have to give up to go to the top of the mountain. I prefer don’t think to much and keep going.Path number 2 that goes to Monte Bicchero is steep. I’m very tired, may be because I went to sleep at three of the night after a party?Depending on the path, I have to take the bike on the shoulder or push it to my side, the hours pass slowly.Reached Monte Bicchero I go toward Monte Cafornia passing through a snow tongue. My five ten are uses as a crampons.I can finally see the ridge full of snow and I can also ride one side totally melted, my fear to have go down at this point disappear and I relax. In a very long day, some funny intervals

Finally the Velino top is in front of me. The top is full of snow and I’m so exhausted, I decide to live down the bike. The view is beautiful but I just happy to be here, in this heroic crazy day.I run down snowing on the shoes, I take the bike and after I reach the Sevice Mountain, I start the most funny part.

The descent to Sevice shelter starts, I decide to go on the snow side and ‘so damn funny. I also start a race with a skier, I won obviously. From the Sevice down is just a matter of gravel hairpin turns till Passo delle Forche, . From Passo dell Forche to Cartore is a blink of eyes.

This day was gougers just a bit of 1700m of portage.

Total distance: 26.73 km
Max elevation: 2492 m
Min elevation: 954 m
Total climbing: 2661 m
Total descent: -2629 m
Total time: 07:55:59
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