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The View form Ginepro Mountain

(Italiano) Giro impegnativo sul Monte Ginepro. Tanto asfalto e spingismo quasi 500m, panorami indimenticabili, discesa non lunghissima e questo pesa molto sulla godibilità della traccia.

Mountain Witch’s eight and Volterraio’s fortress

(Italiano) Un esperimento poco riuscito di unire due giri. Panorami superbi, tre salite da rifare in discesa!

Devils on the piks

Title of the trip is : the peaks. Sound very good. It is a long ridge between different peaks. It is an esoteric ride. Starting form a 666 road, you go to the top of the witch mountain. The landscape has a supernatural beauty. You suffer as you are in the purgatory on the downhill that never give you happiness. You end in a highway at 8 lines as you are in hell

Vallone di Fua e del Cieco

This time the bike was carry by me!!