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Monte Giano

Monte Giano’s notorious inscription make this tour very famous. Nice downhill inside the wood, the only pity too gravels.

Monte Cambio

Exiting tour on top of the Monte Cambio, only strong people can go. Almost 2000m of climb but the top offers a beautiful view. The downhill is endless.

S.S. Trinità

This trail has a 40% of asphalt, but it is one of the best way to do the famous Vallepietra’s rock garden downhill. Visit the sanctuary of S.S. Trinità, drink the holy water and enjoy your trip.

Monna by bus

Guarcino is a natural bike park area. Many downhill, one better than the other. There is shuttle (let’s say) to go up. If you are very good you can take two of them!

Monte Cambio surrounding area

A nice tour around Monte Cambio starting from a parking in Leonessa (RI). This tour has great landscape and funny downhill.